Saturday, November 22, 2014

DIY Farmhouse Inspired, Burlap and Zinc-Finished Lamps

A couple weeks ago, I shared my Living Room Makeover Reveal from the One Room Challenge, and I promised a DIY tutorial on my new lamps!  You can catch that post here!

Today I'm sharing my tutorial on how I gave these dated thrift store lamps a complete transformation.  As you can see, I started with white ceramic and brass lamps.  I picked these lamps up for $5.00 each!  

First I taped off the switch, and the top part where the light bulb screws in.  I also wrapped tape around the cord at the bottom to keep paint from spraying on it.

 I gave each lamp a couple coats of spray paint using Rust-oleum Flat Antique Nickle. (You will want to do this outside, or in a place where its safe for a little over-spray. Not in the house!!)

Next, I watered down some white paint, I used a latex paint.  You don't want the paint to be thick.  It was pretty liquidy after I added some water.  I then used a paint brush and covered the whole thing with the watered down mixture.  Then I grabbed a dry paint brush and started making my way around the lamp, horizontally.  (making sure to dab excess paint off often)  This is what gives you the streaky look.  The paint seems to dry pretty quickly, so I then just used my dry brush to go up and down and side to side to give it a neat blotchy texture.. You'll just have to play with it at this point to get the look you're after.

Next, using jute rope and a hot glue gun, I wrapped the base.  I wanted a farmhouse, and kind of beachy look as well, so I feel like the rope gives me that look.  Plus it ties in well with the burlap shade! 
I picked up a couple burlap shades at Hobby Lobby to complete the look!

So there you go!  I hope you get to try this out on a cool thrift store lamp or two!  With shades and all, I made these lamps for only $22.00 a piece!  I was able to create one of a kind lamps and have fun doing it.  

Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

xo Jen